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New dinosaur model with Rex movement, it is a last generation robot with the base all decorated, quality finishes, animatronic dinosaur T-Rex, this is the new 4 meter model, with greenish skin and blue eyes, a replica incredible, when you start it it seems to be real!

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Animatronic dinosaurs like this model are used in events, fairs, shows, etc. They are dinosaurs that can be transported very easily, a single person with a pallet truck can move them from one side to the other, easy to install and leave them ready to move. They are robot dinosaurs, they are activated through a photocell when someone passes by, they can also be activated with a remote control, if you want to see more dinosaur replicas visit us at www, macocaya, it is

If you want to see the new dinosaur T-rex as it moves, visit us on our youtube link:

This replica measures:

400 cms in length

185 cm high

70 cm wide

218 kg weight

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