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Replica of a T-rex, in Macocaya we have the most famous dinosaur of prehistory, this replica in motion is made of high quality ABS and silicone foam, respecting the environment. This edition has a huge synthetic stone as a base that gives the piece an incredible and gigantic aspect. Ideal for decorating parties, events of all kinds, businesses and whatever you want, it will fit anywhere.

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This replica of an animatronic T-rex, it will seem so real that you doubt that the dinosaurs have come to life, it is simply incredible! Its details such as the folds in the skin, the movements, the teeth and the decorated base will transport you to the Jurassic era. Make spectacular movements, such as simulating breathing, opening and closing the mouth, joint movements of the extremities, roaring sounds and much more! Along with a good prop, this piece will be the main attraction, everyone will be amazed.

Approximate measurements of the t-rex:

Height: 4.5 meters

Width: 3 meters

Depth: 9 mts

Weight: 600 kgs

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