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Figure of a carnotarus, this edition carries on its back a chair so that children can ride on it with a seat belt to do it safely, this rider model has an incredible amount of details, the materials used, high quality , they allow to give a very realistic texture to the piece, along with its movements and the roars this piece will be the center of attention and the children will have a great time!

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This piece is made of high quality ABS foam and silicone, respectful with the environment, the leather finish is identical to the skin that had an authentic carnotaurus, with its horns and spikes. It performs various movements, blinking, breathing, movement of the tail and extremities, opening and closing the mouth and more ... these movements are carried out thanks to an internal steel skeleton that is activated thanks to the driving force. An authentic piece to decorate your party, event or your business in the most original and different way around the world.

Aproximate measurements of the dinosaur:

Height: 2 mts

Width: 1,8 mts

Depth: 4 mts

Weight: 250 kgs

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