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New animatronic dinosaur Triceratops, spectacular robotic reproduction of a triceratops, the armored dinosaur, for its tough defenses. This model is an animatronic triceratops 300 cm long, a small piece but with very high quality details and realistic finishes. This dinosaur model also has 6 programmed movements and roars that will make you teleport to the Jurassic.

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Our animatronic dinosaurs are made with high quality materials, their skeleton is made of iron and aluminum, servo motors to drive movements, then we cover it with foam and foam to finish covering them with latex and silicones. Once finished, our artists come into action who paint them with airbrushes giving them super realistic finishes,

If you want to see their movements enter our youtube link:

This animatronic triceratops models measures:

300 cms in length

100 cm wide

170 cm high

220 kg weight

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