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Spectacular robot replica of a large animatronic dinosaur, it represents a robotic T-rex dinosaur that is moved by motors and photocells. Dinosaur with a natural touch, made with a metallic skeleton, covered with foams and with a high-quality silicone surface, respecting the environment. A very realistic piece that will take you back to prehistory!

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Dinosaurs that move, open their eyes, move their tails, breathe, contract their bellies, move their claws. dinosaurs that will help you attract your customers at fairs, events, parties. If renting for weekends, all-inclusive pack, transportation and Macocaya staff. If you want to visit us at there you will find all kinds of dinosaur replicas among many others.

If you want to see the great Trex on the move visit us on youtube at the following link:

This replica has dimensions of:

500 cm length

200 cm high

80 cm wide

280 kg weight

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