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Spectacular replica of a large animatronic Rex dinosaur 5 meters long. Animatronic dinosaur that moves its arms, breathes, blinks, roars and much more ... all controlled by a junction box. Animatronic dinosaur perfect to decorate your birthday party or your business, everyone will hallucinate!

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Scale reproduction of an animatronic T-Rex dinosaur, a robotic dinosaur that was activated by a photocell or a remote control. Dinosaur t-rex with movement, opens and closes the eyes, moves the head, opens and closes the mouth, breathes and flicks. It is a spectacular piece to impress your friends, impress your clients. Dinosaur rex available to rent for parties, events, fairs. If you want to see it in motion visit us at www.macocaya.es or you can see it on facebook:


The actual measurements of the dinosaur are:

500 cms in length

200 cms high

80 cms wide

280 kg weight

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