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Replica of the dinosaur dilophosaurus in motion, from this piece its striking colors are obvious, perfect to decorate a children's party, all children will hallucinate and want to take pictures. It is made of high quality foam and latex, thanks to an internal skeleton it performs a lot of movements that will leave you with your mouth open. Their roars will take you back to prehistory!

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Dinosaur Dilophosaurus, this animatronic replica, has a decorated base for easy transport, its colors are the most vivid, it will stand out, that's for sure. The dinosaur is characterized by its details, the folds of its skin make it very realistic, with its movements you can scare all your guests, you will succeed! In prehistory, dilophosaurus was characterized by its speed, it was a medium-sized and carnivorous dinosaur.

Height: 1,90 mts

Width: 0,90 mts

Depth: 4 mts

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