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Reference: TREXRIDER5M

Animatronic dinosaur prepared to climb, spectacular reproduction of a rex dinosaur that carries a saddle and is designed so that people can ride, known as rider dinosaurs, robotic dinosaurs that will make the youngest and also the oldest enjoy, suitable for All ages.

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Dinosaur rider, these designed have been made so that people can climb, they have a chair attached with their safety fixings and equipped with a belt to prevent falls. It has a very simple mechanism, once this person is above the dinosaur is activated through a coin or through a remote control, this allows you to control the times. This dinosaur robot is rented for events, it is rented for children's parties, company dinners etc ... It has a very simple installation, on the one hand the dinosaur and on the other the junction box, with well identified wiring to be able to connect it quickly

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This animatronic rider dinosaur model measures:

500 cms in length

200 cm tall

80 cm wide

240 kg weight

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