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Spectacular reproduction of a young specimen of robotic dinosaur of orange and black color, replica of animatronic dinosaur mounted on top of a rock. This dinosaur is 320 cm long, easy to move and transport from one place to another for its exhibition. Made with the best materials, strong and durable, perfect to decorate your birthday party or your business. Your guests will hallucinate!

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Dinosaurs are currently in fashion, who doesn't want to offer their clients something exclusive? In Macoaya we have a wide variety of replicas of animatronic dinosaurs, dinosaurs of all types, animatronic Rex, Spinosaurus, triceratops, brontosaurus etc ... These dinosaurs move when someone passes by, you can put them on hold or you can leave them all activated the day. They are very durable replicas, with a metallic interior structure, covered with foam and foam and finished with latex and. silicones

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The measurements of this piece are:

320 cms in length

230 cm high

80 cm cms width

200 kg weight

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