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Spectacular replica of a robotic velociraptor dinosaur, with its characteristic colors. velociraptor dinosaur put in a metal cage, ready to be transported¡¡¡ faithful reproduction of a fearsome velociraptor with movement. Dinosaur 300 cm long and about 160 cm high, it has 6 movements activated by photo-cell or remote control.

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This is an out of the ordinary piece, a caged velociraptor, when activated it moves the head, raises and lowers the body, moves the tail, claws and roars. It is a dinosaur robot to expose in public, it is not scary for children, if you want it in another color, in Macocaya we transform them to your liking, if you want to do the test, rent it for a weekend and you will see the results, spectacular. These dinosaurs are built to last, their iron interior, servo motors, high-quality wiring to avoid friction, a reproduction that receives benefits for a long time. If you want to see more dinosaurs visit us at

If you want to see the dinosaur moving, enter the youtube link:

Measurements with cage:

320 cms depth

200 cms height 

115 cms width

150 kg weight aprox

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